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Local Career (LCF) is engaged today in the business of finding qualified employees to staff your operation. It is a partnership committed to your companies success.

Goals of your business are embryonic; we commit to understand your business and design staffing solutions that meet your business needs. A partnership with LCF can create an advantage for your company.

Expert recruiting distinguishes LCF from other providers and helps reduce the high cost of replacement personnel. You are connected to full range of staffing solutions through contact point to LCF to develop the best solutions; we share best practices across all employment opportunities. We pledge assurance in your satisfaction with the employee we place.


See what LCF has done to help similar companies in your field with enormous results. LCF provides services designed to let you focus on your primary business, from outsourcing entire departments to crafting solutions that meet your business needs. We connect you with principal resources in your scientific discipline.

Here at Local Career we do things very different from every other employment placement agency.

How so you may ask? Here are a few reasons that will allow you to select you next employee with confidence, with a more in depth employee profile, and with less time involved.

  • We pre screen and interview all potential candidates before you even meet.
  • We send you a comprehensive profile of each candidate, thus allowing you to learn more about the employee with less time involved.
  • We make sure the candidate lives up to their qualification by investigating their degrees and transcripts for you. Once again saving you, the employer time.
  • All of our candidates must have education or experience (in a related field upon request).

More ways you as an Employer will save money

We drug screen for you.
Before the employee start date we send the potential employee to Your Local Drug and Alcohol testing facility at no charge to your company.

We pay for the potential employees first week of work
(40 hours depending on rate of pay)

  • We like to call it the try before you by option.
  • Yes, no charge to you for a week. If you don't choose to hire the candidate there is no charge to you at all.
  • The try before you buy option is great for company to employee interviewing, employee orientation, and company training in safe job procedures.
  • This gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with the employee before you actually commit.

As always LCF allows you to select your next employee with confidence, thus saving company time and money. Contact one of our Employment Specialist now and begin filling your open positions today.

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