Ad Formats

The truth of the matter is...
We've got banner and skyscrapers. In fact there's a good chance that whatever your preferred ad format or existing ad size, can accommodate it!

Standard Units
Banner728 x 90
Skyscraper160 x 600
Large Rectangle300 x 250

Basic Specifications__________________________________________________________
Image Types:.gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .zip
Max File Size:20K, Flash 30K
Animation Time:No limit
Alternate Text:30 characters
3rd Party Ad Serving:Yes
Rich Media Options:Expandable, Flash, Polite Download, In Banner Streaming

Additional Specifications________________________________________________________

Linking URLs:
Must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address (i.e. http://207.123.456.78)

Cookie Settings:
Approved vendors may set cookies only. 4th party cookie setting is permitted by and LCF Production approved 3rd party servers only.

3rd Party Tracking: and LCF Production must be able to track page views and all click-throughs.

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