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Why use contractors and consultants instead of full time employees?

When you add in the cost for health and dental care, payroll taxes, workers comp, personal time off, sick leave, vacations, holidays, benefit programs, pension plans and 401K plans, perks and related costs, full time employees cost more…

Contractors and consultants tend to be more efficient and productive. They are there for only as long as it takes to get the job done and then move on to the next project or assignment. So they always have a fresh view of the task to be performed, like a movie production staff they come together, create an epic then disband.

Internal staff's valuable time recruiting is wasted by taking time away from their real jobs in making money for your firm. The cost of hiring new personnel has become so prohibitive that most employers have moved to recruiting specialist who can work faster, better and less expensively.

Avoid the intangible costs of law suits from unfair termination, sexual harassment, age discrimination, etc. We are the employer of record and have prime responsibility in these areas. Contractors and consultants set an example for others with their generally better work habits. Others note that their jobs can be outsourced if productivity and efficiency targets are not met.

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