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Learn why LocalCareerFairs.com is a leader in aiding applicants find the right College!

LocalCareerFairs.com is the Leader in Coordinating Recruiting Events Nationwide.
Our company successfully coordinates recruiting events Nationally and cost efficiently. Local Career Fairs .com plans to continuously produce quality career fair events nationwide. Yes we strive to be the very best at what we do! We bring quality companies and qualified candidates together through our successful recruiting events.
Our recruiting events are an effective hiring tool. We provide ballroom settings which allow both the candidates and exhibitors maximum exposure. We've found that ballroom settings provide a non-threatening yet professional atmosphere which is conducive to the screening and interviewing process.

We allow companies to save money by not investing in a multitude of job search advertisements. Newspaper ads, internet ads, television ads, and even employment staffing companies can all offer different avenues to filling positions, however they lack a few vital factors.  

1. They don't allow you to personally meet the potential candidate face to face as does a Local Career Fair.com Event.

2. They don't narrow your employee search down to Local talent and prospects.

3. Often times they don't save time and money in recruitment, due to expensive trial and error methods offered with the above advertising solutions.


By choosing LocalCareerFairs.com you give your company great advantages in Tax savings, Tax reductions, and even Charitable expense credits. In essence you now fill jobs faster, effectively, and with tax breaking credits. Truly there are vast benefits to utilizing a Local Career Fairs .com event to fill all your recruiting needs.

Marketing ____________________________________________________________________________________
Marketing Campaigns for our events keeps us successful and surely sets us apart. One may ask, "How do we continue to provide successful events and drive such a large audience?" Local Career Fairs .com goes more than the extra mile to get qualified job seekers to our events. We have dedicated "Employee Drives™"  for our events at local Colleges, Universities, and Employment Centers (Work Force Development, Work One, and Urban Leagues) to name a few. We have strong State Chamber of Commerce relationships. We also do newspaper, internet, Google, Yahoo, Monster, Yahoo Hotjobs, fliers, street billboards, television commercials, and as mentioned, Employee Drives™. At an Employee Drive™, the staff of Local Career Fairs .com sets up our own booth at different employment centers and Universities throughout the United States, and we inform the Local public about exciting Career Fairs in their areas. This lets the public know jobs do exist in their areas, with your companies! The results from our Employee Drives™ have been phenomenal!

LocalCareerFairs.com recognizes the importance of building good relationships. In addition to Internet and print advertising, we've developed partnerships with radio groups in many cities across the country. This has increased the number of quality candidates attending our events. We've worked hard to develop local business relationships with news media, chambers of commerce, and business organizations. Through the development of these relationships we will increase the value and effectiveness of our advertising, which will increase the success of our recruiting events.

Our belief in quality people starts from within, where our highly trained National Recruiting Consultants are ready to serve you. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to meet your recruiting goals by providing you with qualified candidates. We are committed to working with you in acquiring your greatest asset:  Quality People.
Your Success is our Success!


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